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Advay Electric Heating Pad, 1 Count


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Advay Electric Heating Pad reduces muscle and joint discomfort and provides pain relief. Crafted with high-grade synthetic velvet fabric and plastic materials, this heating pad provides the user with comfortable physical therapy. It has long duration heat storage system and a quick heating element that uses a hydrothermal uniform heating semiconductor. It features a unique automatic temperature control function, thus allowing you to customise the temperature according to your preference. This heating pad consumes minimal power, making it an energy-efficient option. It comes with a portable charging cable allowing you to enjoy hot therapy wherever you are. Advay Electric Heating Pad is also beneficial for relieving muscle soreness, arthritis, or stiffness.

Key Benefits

  • The heating pad specifically targets and relieves pain in the affected area, effectively reducing discomfort and providing relief.
  • With a charge for 8-12 minutes, the pad will remain warm for approximately 2-8 hours.
  • The warmth from the heat pad helps relax tense muscles, easing muscle stiffness and promoting flexibility.
  • Heat therapy increases the flow of blood to the affected area, improving the delivery of oxygen to promote healing.
  • The heat pad can be used for various conditions, including muscle strains, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and general aches and pains.
  • It is simple to use and easy to carry, thus making it convenient to use at home, office, and travel.

Directions for Use

  • Put the bag on a flat surface so that the wire socket is on the top. Connect the wire to the pad first and then plug the wire into a power socket.
  • When charging, the indicator lamp glows, and it will turn off after a full charge.
  • Disconnect the wire from the power socket first and then unplug the wire from the pad.
  • Place the heat pad over the affected area and allow the heat to penetrate to help relieve pain.

Safety Information

  • The heating pad must be at least two metres away from high-class electronic equipment.
  • Never use the pad while charging.
  • While charging, if you find the surface temperature of the pad is very high, the indicator light is still glowing, and there is an abnormal expansion of the pad, disconnect the power immediately. It is unsafe to use the pad in such a condition and dispose of it immediately.
  • When the heating pad is not in use, store it after it comes to room temperature.
  • Do not clean the pad with water, gasoline, formaldehyde or other solvents. Clean gently with a damp/dry soft cloth.
  • Always check for any abrasion or damage on the pad’s surface before every use. Do not use and discard if you notice any damage.
  • Replace immediately if the wire or connector is damaged.
  • Do not keep any object on the pad while charging or storing.


Question: Can I use this heating pad while sleeping?

Answer: You can use the heating pad while sleeping. However, it may cause discomfort if the temperature is high. Hence, it is advised to use the pad before you go to sleep or after you wake up.

Question: Can I wash the heating pad?

Answer: Please do not wash the heating pad since it may affect its performance. You can clean it with a damp/dry soft cloth.

Question: Can I use this heating pad for my period pain?

Answer: You can use Advay Electric Heating Pad for your period pain. It effectively works in providing relief from menstrual cramps.



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