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Experience crystal-clear vision and superior lens hygiene with Apollo Pharmacy Lensol Solution, 120 ml. The contact lens solution is specially formulated to provide effective cleaning for all types of contact lenses. Enriched with a combination of Sodium & Potassium Chloride, Disodium Edetate, Polyhexanide, Poloxamer, Hypromellose, and Sodium Phosphate buffer, this solution ensures thorough cleaning, protein removal, and germ-free lenses. The pH and isotonicity of the lens cleaning solution are adjusted to match the lacrimal fluid, offering maximum comfort for your eyes. Say goodbye to foggy, stained lenses, and hello to crystal-clear vision with just a few drops of Lensol contact lens solution.

Apollo Pharmacy Lensol Solution, 120 ml Features

  • Lens Cleaning Solution
  • Moisturizing Formula
  • pH & Isotonicity Adjustment
  • Suitable for Daily Use
  • Travel-friendly Packaging

Uses of Apollo Pharmacy Lensol Solution, 120 ml

Eye Care

Key Benefits

  • Clear Vision: The contact lens solution ensures clear and sharp vision through impeccably clean lenses.
  • Comfortable Wear: The moisturizing formula of the lens cleaning solution keeps your lenses comfortable and irritation-free on your eyes.
  • Enhanced Hygiene: The contact lens solution’s germ-fighting properties promote better lens hygiene and overall eye health.
  • Suitable for All Lenses: This versatile lens cleaning solution is suitable for all types of contact lenses, accommodating diverse needs.
  • Safe and Effective: The combination of ingredients in the lens solution provides a safe and efficient lens-cleaning experience.

Directions for Use

  • Wash your hands and dry them with a clean towel before handling your lenses.
  • Start with the same eye each time to avoid confusion.
  • Open the lens case, remove the lens and place it in the palm of your hand.
  • Apply at least 3 drops of Lensol Solution to each lens surface.
  • Gently rub the lens using backward and forward motion for 10 seconds.
  • Rinse both lenses surfaces with Lensol Solution while rubbing the lens gently between the thumb and forefinger.
  • Place the lens in the case and fill it well with the contact lens solution.
  • Replace the cap and screw tight & repeat the same procedure with the other eye’s lens.
  • Allow your lens to soak for at least 4 hours.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool, dry & dark place.
  • Keep the contact lens solution out of reach of children.


Question: Can I use the Lensol Solution on all types of lenses?

Answer: Yes, this lens solution can be used on all types of contact lenses.

Question: How often should I use the Lensol Solution?

Answer: It is recommended to use this lens cleaning solution daily to keep your lenses clean and germ-free.

Question: Is it necessary to rinse the lens after applying Lensol Solution?

Answer: Yes, rinsing the lens after applying the contact lens solution is crucial to ensure there is no residue left.

Question: Can I use Lensol Solution if I have sensitive eyes?

Answer: Yes, the pH and isotonicity of this lens cleaning solution are adjusted to lacrimal fluid, making it safe and gentle for all eyes.

Question: Can I wear my lenses immediately after soaking them in Lensol Solution for 4 hours?

Answer: Yes, you can wear your disinfected lenses immediately after soaking them for 4 hours.


‘I have been using Lensol Solution for over a year now, and it has been a game-changer. My lenses feel much cleaner and more comfortable than before.’ – Priya Singh, 28, IT Professional

‘I was previously using another lens cleaning solution that caused my eyes to become red and itchy. Since switching to Lensol Solution, my eyes have been much more comfortable.’ – Ravi Verma, 35, Teacher

‘Lensol Solution is easy to use and has kept my lenses clean and clear for months. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective lens cleaning solution.’ – Ananya Kapoor, 42, Homemaker

Key Ingredients

Sodium And Potassium Chloride,Disodium Edta, Polyhexanide, Poloxamer Hyperomellulose & Sodium Phosphate Buffer

Other Information (APL0030)

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