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Microlet Colored Lancets, 100 Count


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MICROLET Colored Lancets are new easy-to-use lancets that are used for testing with minimal pain. These silicone-coated lancets are designed for safe and comfortable testing. They promote smooth entry into the skin and help minimize the pain while testing. MICROLET Colored Lancets are compatible to be used with MICROLET®NEXT lancing device. These sterile lancets are available in seven vibrant colours that allow colour-coded testing.

Key Benefits

  • MICROLET Colored Lancets are silicone coated for easier and gentler testing.
  • The silicone coating lowers the puncture force needed for good penetration and enables a smooth-gliding mechanism to minimize pain, allowing you to test confidently.
  • These lancets are available in seven vibrant colours to allow colour-coded testing.
  • The coloured lancets give you visual feedback to remind you to change your lancets more often.
  • They provide a comfortable testing experience with the tiniest amount of blood.
  • You can easily use these lancets by simply inserting the lancet into the lancing device.
  • These lancets help in easier blood glucose testing in diabetes, and you can manage your blood sugar levels effectively.

Directions for Use

  • Loosen the round protective cap by rotating a 1/4 turn on the lancet but do not remove it.
  • Insert the lancet firmly into the lancing device and push until the lancet comes to a complete stop.
  • Carefully twist off the round protective cap and save it for disposing of the used lancet.
  • After testing, replace the protective cap with the lancet by pushing the lancet into the cap.
  • Push the lancet ejector on the lancing device forward until the lancet falls into the container, then slide the ejector back.

Safety Information

  • MICROLET Lancets are for single use only and should not be re-used.
  • Do not use the lancet if the protective cap has been previously removed.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Question: What is the use of silicone coating on the lancets?

Answer: Silicone coating on the lancets minimizes the pain and discomfort caused during testing by reducing the surface friction of the needle and allowing smooth gliding into the skin.

Question: Are there any lancing tips for easier testing?

Answer: Take an extra few seconds to drop your arm to your side and shake it. Get the blood flowing down to your fingertips, and let gravity help! This process enables easier blood oozing from the finger during puncturing with the lancet.

Question: Will these lancets provide painless testing?

Answer: MICROLET Colored Lancets come with a silicone coating that minimizes the pain caused during pricking. You will feel less pain with these lancets compared to the traditional testing method.

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