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Wellbeing Nutrition Skin Fuel is a Dermatologist Formulated Beauty Clear Skin Hydrator with Skin Peptides that support smooth, luminous and nourished skin. This unique formula includes Pure Japanese Collagen, antioxidants, botanicals and nutrients to naturally enhance your body’s collagen production to keep skin firm, radiant and hydrated. Pure Japanese Collagen and OPITAC L-Glutathione protect skin fibers to preserve elasticity and suppleness for smoother, brighter skin and can reduce dark under-eye circles, leaving you looking rested and refreshed. Hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera naturally hydrate skin, while powerful antioxidants vitamins C, E and Matcha Green tea protect the skin. Antioxidants like Blueberry, Goji Berry and Grapeseed protect the skin from damage, free radicals and pollution for a brighter inner glow.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful 4-in-1 Anti-aging Formula:India’s First US Dermatologist Formulated Skin Nourisher with Bioactive Japanese Collagen, L–Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, and 8 Antioxidants. Standard collagen peptide powders aren’t enough to turn back the clock on accelerated skin ageing. Skin Fuel, a 4-in-1 delicious Blueberry Mint Skin Elixir, provides building blocks for radiant, nourished, firmer and glowing skin from within.
  • Clinically Proven Results for Improved Luminosity:These dermatologist-formulated, clinically studied tablets work on wrinkles, pore size, age spots and skin texture. Researchers saw results in weeks, not months. Increased skin luminosity by 36%, reduces skin imperfections and restores skin radiance by protecting elastin and collagen fibers for brighter, clearer, and evenly toned skin.
  • Nourish and Firm Blend:Premium Japanese Hydrolyzed (Type 1) Marine Collagen is designed to help counteract age-related collagen loss. The collagen has been specially processed to improve digestibility and absorption into the body to promote intensive nourishment required to keep the skin tight and supple, leading to improved skin elasticity. It contains an extra boost of collagen-building peptides, plus Blueberry and Aloe Vera, to slow elastin breakdown and prevent wrinkles.
  • Glow Blend:The glow blend of Premium OPITAC™ Patented Japanese L-Glutathione, Matcha Green Tea, and Vitamin C helps provide the right nutrition for the body to keep skin radiant, improves skin texture and complexion, control pigmentation and helps protect from harmful UV rays. It contains a blend of Vitamin E equivalent to 15IU derived from Grape Seed and Vitamin C + Antioxidants derived from oranges and all naturally derived ingredients that have been widely researched for skin radiance.
  • Antioxidant Complex to Protect Skin:The unique Beauty blend protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radical damage, oxidative stress, and photoaging from UVA/UVB effects of the sun. Stress manifests itself in different ways, and its common physical manifestations are dull skin, acne, and dryness. Matcha helps reduce skin inflammation and redness. Grapeseed lightens skin discolourations like acne scars and sunspots and helps control the adverse effects of stress on the skin.

Directions for Use

  • Drop one tab in 250 ml of water.
  • Wait for it to dissolve.
  • Enjoy the refreshing beverage and enhance your skincare routine.
  • Take 1-2 Tablets daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

Safety Information

  • Inform your physician if you have any medical history before using.
  • Do not consume tablets directly.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Question: How does Skin Fuel by Wellbeing Nutrition work?

Answer: Wellbeing Nutrition Skin Fuel is an oral skin supplement that is an effervescent drink. This fizzy, collagen drink for the skin acts on the inside to show phenomenal results on the outside. It hydrates your skin with hyaluronic acid, makes it firm, plump and bouncy by restoring elasticity using collagen peptides, and reduces signs of ageing, inflammation, and acne.

Question: Can men use Wellbeing Nutrition Skin Fuel?

Answer: Wellbeing Nutrition Skin Fuel can be used by both men and women with wrinkles, loose skin, and fine lines.

Question: What is the recommended dosage of Wellbeing Nutrition Skin Fuel?

Answer: Take 1-2 Tablets daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

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